Review of K Money Mastery – Stefan Pylarinos – Pros and Cons


Program: K Money Mastery 2.0

Creator: Stefan Pylarinos

Purpose: To learn how to write ebooks, how to publish them on Kindle, and how to market them. He teaches you how to make money with Kindle

This is a review of K Money Mastery 2.0

I did buy this course, and I am a student of it. I also publish some Kindle books myself. What got me into this program was I wanted to know more about how to market and produce my ebook and learned all the benefits and opportunities out there being a Kindle publisher. He does offer a coaching program and an affiliate program if you are interested in more help with your Kindle publishing business and if you are interested in taking your business into affiliate marketing. He even goes into details about LLC and tax info and if you live outside of the US.


Pros and Cons of K Money Mastery 2.0

  • Pros:
    • You can download the material and save it to your hard drive (PDF files)
    • The website is easy to navigate
    • For the price, you get great value, and it’s worth the price.
    • He does seem to care about his students, and he wants them to succeed.
    • Good information in the Bonuses section.
  • Cons:
    • To get to the juicy things and info, you have to get the up-sell programs but it’s not bad, and it’s worth it, so keep that in mind with the total price.
    • Not every lesson has a download; also you can’t download video or sound.
    • I don’t think he publishes anymore, which might be a good thing, but is that a bad sign that he stopped, but it does make sense he is focusing on his other businesses.

Golden Nuggets: like many programs, some of the golden nuggets are in the upsell kindle VA program. They do have a couple of golden nuggets that you might enjoy in the regular course like Lesson 17 monetizing your books, or scaling up your Kindle books.


K Money Mastery = Cost $67

Upsell: Kindle VA Training = Cost $197

24 Hour Book = $17 one time

Full disclosure = $47 per month


–Do I recommend this program to someone? Yes, if you are interested in making money with Kindle publishing and this is something you want to put in work, and build a business in being a publisher

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