Here is a list of products and services that have helped me grow my business and make my life better.

I get asked from personal friends to people I just met for the very first time what programs and services I use and recommend to help them grow their passive income, which is why I have broken this section out to 3 main categories to make it easier.

Also don’t forget to want to improve your health, which you should always take care of your health then don’t forget to go to my Resource Health section. This will make you have a healthier life, and a healthier life is a happier life.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefited from personally or I highly recommend it will help with your investments or business.

“Work To Invest…” Books and Products:

Work To Invest by Jason Ballay – Ebook and Print version available, this is our main item and what this website was built around, the foundation of your wealth building and financial freedom guide. To grow your income and to protect the household income. To learn about real estate, dividend stocks, business, and how to get out of debt to be financially free.

Getting out of debt by Work To Invest – an ebook that will give you a blueprint on how to get out debt and how to control your expenses.

Flipping Houses and Wholesaling Properties: How to Buy, Flip and Wholesale Residential Properties; Flipping is a word that is mainly used in the United States to illustrate the practice of buying an asset that generates revenue and swiftly reselling it for profit. Although any asset can be flipped, the expression is more frequently used for real estate and initial public offerings (IPOs).

Investing in Apartments: Beginners Guide, Tips, and Advice to Investing in Apartments

Consulting Program – this is a program to help someone that doesn’t know where to begin and need some advice and guidance to put them in the right direction. If interested in this, please make sure you have read the books and you will have a form that needs to be filled out an appointment to be set. Because every situation is different and everyone has different problems and requires different solutions.

Dividend and Investing in Stocks:

Investing in REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts by Ralph Block – this was my very first REIT investment book that helps me out with a lot of questions and gave me the foundation on my REIT investment. – “along with above-average dividend yields and stable earnings, have become increasingly popular with both individual and institutional.” –  this will probably be your number one site to check out for information on dividend investing, they have so much information on their website they are great, info like best dividend stocks, data, income generator, dividend history, or TD Ameritrade = I use them for my investments they have many tools, reports, data, information, excellent customer service, they might have a store location near you, checking account and with a debit card. They are not the cheapest, but they are averaged priced per trade.

Dividend Stocks Rock – membership learning website that has a $14.95 per month package and an annual investor package of $149 per year – learn about the seven investing principles, eight dividend stocks list, portfolio models, 12 DSR premium newsletter, bonus book.

Beat the Market Analyzer – one of the top stock investing club, wealth builders, they charge $31 per month, live one on one customer service, they offer a special bonus as well, and money back guarantee which is risk-free.


Real Estate:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – this is one of my first books on money and wealth, this is the book that makes you learn how to have a strong financial foundation in your investment house. He is a big fan of real estate and investing his money so his money will work hard and not him.

Realtor – this will be your main goto website to find properties that come on the market.

CRE Program – learn how to invest in commercial real estate with no cash and no credit. This is an online course.

Secret Real Estate Wholesale Academy – this is an online course that teaches you how to wholesale properties to investors so they can fix and flip. They offer a free ebook to try and see if this is something for you.

Online Business Tools:

Godaddy – this is the website that I use to buy my domain names like “” and a few others. If you decide to get into the online business, then the first thing you need is a good domain name, something easy to remember and something that is catchy.

WordPress – the most popular blogging platform in the world, and this is the go-to platform for this website and my other websites. They offer a free plan and free installs to your website if you have your own hosting package like Dream Hosting. (Watch this video, how to create a blog)

SiteGround – a great hosting provider that is fast and reliable, and is a great hosting server for WordPress. SiteGround ranks very high among other review sites and is highly recommended in the industry. Also a great host server for Woo-commerce.

Dream Hosting this is a hosting company that will hold your website, this is the hosting service that I use for almost all my websites but not all of them, but they have many other hosting services online.

Blue Host – is another excellent option and a lot of online website owners use them for their hosting, many great remarks about them and easy to use. Sometimes they have specials, and last I checked they charge $5.95 a month, sometimes cheaper.

GetResponse – is an email hosting company that helps with emailing your marketing email list, they are affiliate friendly and is very popular with marketers. They have better prices across the board, with a cheaper beginner package and a more affordable Enterprise package. If your emails have affiliate links, I recommend this company.

Aweber – almost all online marketers say the money is in the list and they are telling the truth, dollar for dollar one of your cheapest sources will be your email list. Highly recommended in the industry and widely used. An email list is powerful for all types of businesses including brick and mortar stores and especially restaurants. Start building your email list today. They have more options and a little bit easier to use.

Optimize Press – this is a WordPress plugin theme, that I use for this website that you are on right now, and this is the look and feel of Optimize press.

Canva – great for making tumbnails, business cards, social media images, social media banners, prints, very useful website.

Affiliate Marketing 

Clickbank – this is a great Affiliate website that specializes in selling digital information products, like seminars, ebooks, videos, and some physical products.

Market Health – this is an affiliate program that is dedicated to health products, skin care products, and beauty products. Market Health is the largest online marketing company in the health and beauty industry. If you are interested in an affiliate program in the health sector, this will be a must to build your business.

Amazon Associates – is one of the largest affiliate programs online, and you get a commission even if they buy something else you are not promoting.

AffiloRama – learn how to make money online as an affiliate marketer, get the information that you need to make an affiliate business.

CB Passive Income – is a training program for ClickBank products, learn how to make an affiliate commission, Patric Chan is the creator. He offers three bonuses and programs.

Internet Jetset – this is an affiliate program from John Crestani’s shows you how to get free traffic methods and how to use paid traffic to make money with affiliate marketing, very popular, many interviews in the industries. He offers many case studies, training videos, and even a monthly webinar program of $47. To go over what’s new and what is working. See my review on Internet JetSet – Click Here

Long Tail Pro – an excellent tool for keyword research to finding profitable keywords, discover what level of keyword difficulty you should be targeting with each site. Determine Metrics / Calculate Keyword Profitability.


Kindle Publishing Tools:

Kindle Money Mastery – this is the best of the best for making money online with ebooks using Kindle, he is very good at explaining all the steps of getting your book to market and hiring people to write the books for you called ghostwriters.

How to Write a Book in Less than 24 hours – this is a smaller course that is less expensive than Kindle Money Mastery, it’s a course to see if this is something that interest you.


Business = Programs / Books

The Money Masters by Tony Robbins – provides great info if looking to start a business from scratch, teaches you the business model, offers great ideas, provides tools and tactics intended to help you to survive, the online economy. Tony provides great info and cares about your success. plus many other great programs and highly recommended events like Unleash the Power Within

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – this is one of my first books on money and wealth, this is the book that makes you learn how to have a strong financial foundation in your investment house. He is a big fan of real estate and investing his money so his money will work hard and not him. – yes, I am recommending this book again.

The 4 Hour Workweek – I know you probably already bought this book and you have it on your bookshelf. This book is packed with ideas, tips, and suggestions.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent It’s not about the money = I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, why is this real estate agent book doing in the Business section. This book was beneficial for my business, and it taught me many things about having a team, and if you want to grow, you need a great team. Plus if you are a real estate agent, then you are a business owner. Same with The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses don’t work – this was an eye-opener for me, and I was very guilty in the beginning about me wanting to control every step of the process and not letting the project go to others.

Incorporate & Grow Rich! – This is one of my favorite books hands down and is a must for anyone that is going to do business, this book is loaded with many details, and is a useful tool. This book will help set your mind to be more aligned with a business way of thinking. Read this book every two years as I do and it will make many details of business more clearly.

The Millionaire Fastlane – Crack the Code To Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by MJ Demarco. Demand the Fastlane, an alternative road-to-wealth; one that ignites dreams and creates millionaires young, not old. Change lanes and find your explosive wealth accelerator. Hit the Fastlane, crack the code to wealth, and find out how to live rich for a lifetime.

100 Day Challenge – this is a 100-day video coaching program created by Gary Ryan Blair, this program is about setting goals and completing your goals.