How to make money online, the simple and easy way.

Mentioned in one of Work to Invest’s blog posts, technology is minimizing the demand for work, as machines or the internet can take care of many needs of an individual. In essence, many of us have to adapt to using the internet to work.

For most online businesses, an online platform for monetary transactions is frequently used for the employer and worker. A very useful monetary service, Paypal, is highly encouraged to possess. Paypal is an eBay-affiliated service that lets you purchase items from your bank account through the platform, as there are some websites that might not accept your preferred method of payment. A benefit to a person who would like to make money online is the ease of transaction from the money you have earned, which can be transferred and stored in Paypal. You also have the option to transfer money from Paypal to your bank account if you wish to do so. Some seller-friendly websites or phone applications can also use Paypal to transfer your earnings into real money.

Of course, to every job, there will be pros and cons. A great thing about making money online is the flexible hours, not needing to commute, and convenience. However, unlike other professions, you might encounter problems, such as an unsteady paycheck or heavy workloads depending on seasonal demands. But with time and experience, you will see more of the benefits to working online.

Chapter 2: Hobbies And Handmade Wares

One of the most common ways to make money online is to create a business through a sales website. A great thing about the internet is the wide range of websites where you can sell antique or handmade items right from home.

Handmade Wares Into Profit

Etsy, created in 2005, is a platform where twelve million international sellers and buyers gather to produce or buy one-of-a-kind or vintage goods. A seller can produce a variety of goods, from homemade cosmetics to custom-made toys. If you have any special craft-making skills, this is a great place to start turning your hobbies into a business at a very low cost.

To start, you must have some items to “list”, or sell, a checking or savings account, and a social security number. A seller will be asked to first upload a picture of their item and write a brief description of the uses and appearance of the item. However, to list an item, a seller must pay a small fee of $0.20 per item to publish their wares. They will be asked to determine shipping costs and their bank account information to direct their earnings too. For added security, Etsy will ask for your social security number to prove that the bank account corresponds to the seller. Keep in mind that a user must be 18 or over to signup, or use a legal guardians bank information and social security to sign up. After completing these steps, the seller has successfully created an online store. Also, if you choose to open another store, you may do so, but only with another working email. Etsy will not interfere with any of your accounts even if the same bank account is being used for multiple stores.

When creating an online store, you may list as many items as you would like. For a beginner, you may only have about 5 to 10 items. However, in order to maximize profits, you should aim to list about 30 to 50 items. Having a variety of colors and styles will also help to sell your products. Some ideas for crafts are jewelry, popular and easy-to-produce items to make. To increase more “traffic,” or views, on your site, consider uploading an image of yourself and a company logo. Consumers are more likely to buy from sellers who have a picture, as it builds credibility. To further promote publicity, Etsy provides a service where you can pay extra fees to list your item to the top of the product list. Etsy also allows you to advertise on Google and Google Shopping with added costs. These fees will be based on a daily specific budget that you can place, and it will not exceed the limit. However, the most reliable and popular methods to increase traffic is to share your website on various social media. If you have any accounts in any social media platform, it is highly encouraged to share your website to gain more popularity for your products.

You can customize all of the settings listed above with the handy account manager, where it lists the statistics of your site popularity, ways to personalize your account and your store, how to place advertisements, and tips to make your website better.

When a product from your store is bought, you will receive an email from Etsy to inform you to start shipping to the buyer.

In the end, if Etsy is not suitable for you, you have the option to deactivate your account and shop. This option can be found in the account manager. However, if you flourish with this website and plan to expand, you can hire more members to work for you and develop a bigger business.

You can also consider using other venues such as Handmade at Amazon. Amazon, the largest internet-based product selling website has a base of 300 million customers would be an ideal platform to sell handmade products. However, to sell, you must have an active Amazon account and a credit/debit card. If you have the two requirements, you are ready to sell.

To sell on Amazon, you must purchase a selling plan, with the individual plan being $0.99/item sold, or the professional plan being $39.99 a month. The individual plan is meant for an Amazon “Artisan,” or handmade goods seller, that will sell less than 40 items. The shipping costs are also fixed and cannot be changed by the Artisan. The professional plan is for Artisans who plan to sell more than 40 wares a month. It also features spreadsheets and graphs to track your earnings, a customizable shipping cost, and a space at the head of the product list for the item being searched.

Like Etsy’s account manager, Amazon features a personal Seller Central where you can manage and personalize your seller profile and products. In the seller central, you can add products one-by-one with the “add products” button. You can also add a bulk of items using Excel or Amazon Web Marketplace.

You will receive an email notification to begin shipping to your buyer once a purchase has been made. The shipping rates will depend on what plan you have purchased, as the professional plan can have you customize how much you will charge for shipping, or if you will even charge at all.

The most successful sellers tend to utilize social media to their advantage, and I encourage you to use a vast amount of platforms to advertise your products.

If you are happy and comfortable selling your homemade goods, I wish you the best of luck! if you would like to grow an even bigger business, I suggest you visit for more resources and tips.

Profit for Penmanship

Another great way to turn a hobby into a profitable job is blogging and writing. Many websites like Weebly, WordPress, and blogger all offer free website domains to begin your writing career, while kindle and amazon eBooks can launch your skills into novels.

Blogging can be writing on just about anything. Some choose to do movie and song reviews while others post comics. Depending on what you would like your website to be about, you should begin by creating an account in any one of these websites and start structuring your personal website.

To personalize the domain, you can customize the button, links, and pages by going into edit mode. To find edit mode, you will have to go to your account and search for a button called edit with your cursor. You can also personalize the background with a picture that is related to your subject. You can also post a small biography of yourself to help your readers to understand what kind of writer and person you are. Adding a profile picture is also a bonus!

Blogging with a free domain does come with limitations. Sometimes you will have only a certain amount of pages that can be used, limited storage space, and no option to monetize your website through advertisements. Websites like WordPress offer several package deals, at a cheap monthly cost. WordPress offers the free, personal, professional, and business plan, from $0, $2.99, $8.25, and $24.99 respectively. Paid monthly plans will also allow you to have a custom website URL, without the watermark of the company when compared to the free monthly plan. If you would like to monetize your website through a commission of 50% by advertisements, (also known as affiliate marketing) you would have to start with the business package at $8 a month, and a minimum amount of 25,000 views a month. Weebly also performs these services, but at a higher cost. But in the end, it all comes down to the comfortability and compatibility of the website to you, the blogger.

Sometimes, a viewer from your blog might be interested in the work you are doing, and offer to buy the blog. It can also grow into a huge enterprise business, such as other popular blogging websites like the Huffington Post and Forbes. Through these options, many amateur bloggers have made thousands by selling a blog or expanding. To get to this level, you will a need a large about of internet audience to be reading your articles.

The traffic on your website can vary, as the viewership can range from random places all over the world. However, to create more publicity, it is always a good idea to link your website to social media platforms or by other websites when they ask for your personal domain. Most blogs will take from months to years for it cultivate before becoming a moderate success.

To write an eBook, all you need is a document editing software or program and time. One of the hardest portions of writing a book is to choose a story and topic. The great thing about writing is that you can choose any subject!

If you are particularly gifted at cooking or crafts, you might want to consider writing a recipe eBook or a book filled with easy-to-do crafts. If you like research, why not publish a short story or novel on climate change? The options are truly endless when it comes to writing.

Amazon offers a service where new eBook writers can publish their work for free, using the Kindle Direct Publishing. With Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP, a book can launch between 24 to 48 hours in the market. All you have to do is create an account, go to your bookshelf, and click ‘add a title”. One thing to note is that when you are uploading your book, it will have to be in a special format called “.mobi.” You can also outsource editors and format to help with this process.

After publishing, Amazon provides a couple of free pages for users to sample your book before purchasing. Amazon also has a partner program called CreateSpace, where you can turn an eBook into a printed paper book.

When a user purchases your work, Amazon will let you keep 70% of the royalties that you have earned, which can be hundreds depending on how successful your eBook is.

If writing is truly an essence for you, blogging and writing eBooks might be an excellent way to develop your penmanship and also earn money!

Chapter 3: Reselling

Another popular method to earn money online is by reselling items. More and more people have begun to use this method, and with patience, dedication, and effort, it can yield a profit of thousands per item.

Doubling the Worth of Old and New Clothes

When it comes to reselling, the items that tend to generate the most profit are limited edition items. To be able to resell, you should have an item at hand that is rare and popular. It does not work if one is without the other. For example, a clothing brand might produce a popular item that is not rare. Therefore many consumers can buy them. On the other hand, if the same clothing brand produced a rare but unpopular item, the resale worth of the item is minimal due to low demand. Therefore, to be successful, you must possess an item that is rare and also popular.

Limited edition items tend to be announced months beforehand, or at specific times due to the high demand of the consumers. A good example is Supreme, one of the most popular brands of men’s clothing. New items are released every Thursday in the morning, and a popular item can sell out within seconds upon release. To get your hands on a limited edition brand, most buyers stay up late at night or wake up early to buy as many items as they would like. However, the website traffic during the release date tend to be very high, which can cause your page to “crash,” or stop working, so the chances of buying a limited edition item are lower than average. If you do manage to get your hands on an item, you can sell the item from 150% to even 500% of the original price. For instance, a Supreme shirt, which cost about $200 dollars has been seen to have a resale worth of $1100.

Most sellers use eBay, or special resale websites, like, for clothing, shoes, toys, etc. For concert tickets, sellers can list them on ticket websites such as StubHub. All of these websites will send an email to you after making an account, notifying the seller when a purchase has been made.

Another well-known way to sell your items is through Facebook groups. There are thousands of groups that are meant for reselling many items. To resell on Facebook, I would like to advise you to look at local groups, as it would be easier to commute to a meeting point. In a Facebook group, you can list an item for a price that you are comfortable with. An email and notification from Facebook will be sent when there is an interested buyer. Most buyers comment below on your listed item to let you know they are interested in purchasing.

When selling through Facebook, most of the products go through Paypal to be sold. There are two ways to give your product to the buyer. You can choose to ship an item or meet with the buyer in person. If you are meeting the buyer, it is also advised to meet at a spot with lots of foot traffic to minimize the risk of your safety.

Some popular brands that usually only sell limited edition items are Air Jordan shoes, Supreme, Yeezys, etc. So don’t throw away your old pair of shoes; They might have some value to them!

Easy Entertainment Profits

Many concerts or sports tickets come out months before the actual date. This is a good thing for a reseller as many fans of a musical artist or sports team usually buy in the last couple of months before the performance or game day. Therefore, you can make lots of profit by buying many tickets that are also located in good seating areas. Using this method, you can resell the ticket for twice or more of its price due to the high demand in the last couple of months.

Reselling an item takes patience. Sometimes you might have to wait months to maximize the profits of your items. For some resellers who sell clothes, it might take half a year or more to earn a substantial profit. If patience is not your virtue, you might want to try selling by consignment.

Sending Clothes to Turn Into Cash

Another method that resellers use is being part of a consignment. Consignment is organizations where you send in old, wearable items that have worth or get them picked up by a company. The company then takes the item and sells it on their website for a value, and you are then paid a fixed percent of the reselling value. The percent taken can vary from 5% to 80% depending on your items initial worth. If you would like to try consigning, a couple of popular consignment websites include, and material

For the company, you can create an account through email, Facebook, or Amazon. After signing in, you can choose the option, “clean out”. When you click the button, you are asked whether or not you would like to donate to charity or keep your profits. After your selection, you can choose what kind of kit will send you. A standard kit is about $7, which will be deducted from your profit if you have chosen to keep your earnings. However, if you send in an item that does not pass regulations, will keep it instead of return it back to you. If you would like a potential item to be returned, you can buy a kit with return assurance. A kit with return assurance is about $18, which allows you to have unaccepted clothes returned to you if it does not pass.

A nice function that provides is its payout estimate, which can calculate how much profit you will make after you turn in your items for consignment. A noteworthy item is that for, the less your item is initially worth, the less payout you will receive. If your item is worth a lot, you will receive higher compensation for it.

Something to note is that some consignment brands only accept some brands and will only pick-up or accept good from some participating cities.

Chapter 4: Smartphone Applications

One of the most convenient ways to make money is using applications from your phone. In the Google Play or Apple “app” store, or application store, you can purchase and install a variety of free apps to sell old goods or perform a range of tasks to earn credit.

Another Man’s Treasure Can be Your Profit

In recent years, many smartphone users have taken the reselling methods to earn extra pocket money. On most reselling apps, you are asked to take a picture and post a general, but negotiable, the price for your product. When uploaded, the product will be listed among users that are in a nearby location. It is also encouraged to modify your product to name it, provide a brief description, and choose the desired category. Most items that have a high-quality picture also tend to be more popular amongst users.

If you feel that the product you have listed is not gaining enough publicity, you can choose to pay an extra fee to have your item advertised at the head of the app product list. To further promote publicity for your product, it is possible to link your Facebook account to the resell application. By doing so, the app can automatically share your product to Facebook.

When your item has an offer, you will be emailed and receive a notification on your phone from the app. You can then use the in-app messaging function to negotiate and discuss a meet-up point to exchange your product for cash.

To begin selling, you can download some commonly used applications such as Letgo and OfferUp.

Letgo and OfferUp also provide a map service, where you can see a general 2-mile radius area of where a seller lives. With this feature, it is easier to determine where to meet up when exchanging products. Also, when exchanging products, it is highly advised to meet in a place that is busy, as it reduces the risk to your safety.

Some of the most popular items to be sold are electronics, appliances, or transportation devices like skateboards or bikes. If you have an old smartphone phone lying around, it could be worth some value to another user, and a quick-cash method.

Turning Smartphone Credit Into Cash

Another way to utilize your smartphone is to download applications that require you to download other applications, watch videos, play games, or take surveys for credit. Some of the apps will also require you to keep the newly downloaded app for a certain period, and also use it in some cases before you receive credit. Credit takes patience to build up, and you will have to use the app of your choosing on a daily basis. Most users can make $10 to $50 a month on a regular basis.

When you have a certain amount of credit, the app will let you choose how to convert it into real money. You can choose from a wide array of gift cards with a value that is determined from the credit that you earned. If you do not like the options, you can also convert it into money into a linked Paypal account. Again, the money that will be converted will be determined by how much credit you have at your disposal.

A couple of popular apps is Lucky Cash or Cash App. Both are free to purchase. However, due to the difference of operating systems, it might be harder to find compatible applications on the Apple store when comparing to the Android Google Play store.

Extra Rooms Can Mean Extra Earnings

What if you could convert your home into a boarding house? Airbnb does just that. If you have home that is spacious and has some extra rooms, you could make a living renting them out with the Airbnb website and app. To become a host, you will need to create an account through email or Facebook. Please note that only individuals who are 18 and up can host. You will then need to set up a payment method. There are many ways AirBnB can pay you, with direct deposits to your bank account, Paypal, and debit/credit cards being the most popular. A unique thing about Airbnb is that this service allows hosters to rent out a shared room, private room, and even an entire house! To list, you will have to choose a couple of options that will be allowed or prohibited on your property, such as smoking or having guests over. You can also choose what amenities you will be providing, such as a laundry service or a coffee machine. It is also recommended to provide a friendly description of the space. You will also need to upload a picture of the space. To build credibility, a short biography and picture of you can be written and uploaded onto the app. When you have completed these steps, you are ready to start renting!

When a traveler books a room through the app, you will have a notification of the dates that they will be staying, and AirBnB will automatically make your room unavailable after you have accepted the request. You can also message them through the app to ask how you can make their experience better for them.

As a host, you will have to prepare the room and all the amenities and necessary items such as toiletries, sheets, etc. To compensate for cleaning fees, Airbnb will charge from 5% to 10% of the total guest fee. Airbnb also has an insurance service, with added fees to make sure your home is always secure. There is also a free Host Guarantee program that will compensate for any damages to your property. To be eligible, you will have to follow all the guidelines to be compensated, which include but not limited to, providing documentation, filing in the correct number of days, working together with insurance agents from Airbnb, etc.

As a host, the earnings are heavily dependant on the area that you live in. For instance, a hoster who rents a room in a big city like San Francisco can earn from a couple hundred to thousands a month due to the high levels of tourism. A host can usually make a couple thousand a month, maybe even a 6-figure income depending on the area they live in.

The guest will always have to pay early, so your earnings will always be secure. Many hosts also provide a discount fee if the traveler chooses to stay for more than 5 or as many days the host sees fit. After the transaction process has been completed, AirBnB will also take 3% of royalties from the total generated revenue.

For people-friendly smartphone users, Airbnb can be a very profitable way to make money, as some areas can generate a weekly income of $200. If you have an extra room to spare, you might want to think about renting it out!

Chapter 5: The Gaming world and Streaming

Who knew that gaming could also lead to a job? For the gaming enthusiasts, you can turn it into a career. There are several options to earn money from games. Trade up, or use Twitch.

Professional Lawyers, Doctors, and …Gamers?

Many gamers aspire to become pro-gamers and compete in world tournaments. Although it is a highly selective career path, a gamer can make a great amount of money through advertisements and participate in contests.

To become a pro-gamer, gamers train for numerous hours a day for upcoming tournaments to build credibility. One very popular gaming tournament is the annual League of Legends tournament located in South Korea, where the winning team can win millions of dollars. However, I would like to mention that it is a highly competitive career path.

Trading Your Games for Profit

A common way to make money for an amateur to make money is by “trading up,” or trading items in a game until you acquire a very rare item, which can be turned into credit, and in some cases, into money. Steam, a gaming server, with hundreds of different games, can perform this.

Many popular and different games such as CSGO, have numerous items that can be traded up. With patience, a gamer could make a couple thousand in a couple of months. I want to stress that this method takes months, comparable to reselling items. However, this is a great method to make extra pocket cash as a part-time job.

The items you acquire can be sold or paid by a “Steam Wallet.” The credit in your steam wallet can then be traded among other users who want that credit with Paypal money. Another way is to buy many on-demand games and sell them to your friends or other users with Paypal.

Various other games and platforms also perform services such as the ones mentioned before. Some Xbox games have high rarity items, such as the game FIFA. FIFA is a game that is mostly luck when trying to acquire new gaming characters through a lottery system. If you are lucky, you could own a player that is worth millions of in-game currency, which can be traded with real money to another user.

To put this in perspective, if you were a gamer that had rare items, you can sell that to a user who is willing to pay you through Paypal for that item. Afterward, you will gift them that item. With the credit method, if you were a user with 500 credits, you can exchange those credits with another user, who can pay a reduced price for them via Paypal. Then you, the seller, can gift the credit to that user. Finally, if you would like to purchase on-demand games, you can also sell them off for reduced prices via Paypal.

Your Face Can Make Millions

Another way a gamer can make money is through Twitch. Twitch is a live webcam video where a user can watch their favorite gamers play games. If you are patient enough to build a strong fan base that meets the Twitch partner requirement, you can be made a partner, and get paid a fixed percentage from the number of subscribers and viewers you have. A Twitch user can also ask for donations through popular donation websites, such as Patreon.

To become a Twitch partner, you must have more than 500 viewers in every “stream” or broadcast, and stream at least three times a week. You will be paid with your subscriber funds, as every user who bought a subscription to you is $4.99. The profit you earn is usually put into Paypal or any other monetary platform that is available.

A gamer can play almost any game on Twitch, from phone apps to computer games. Some of the most successful Twitch streamers can make a couple thousand to a couple million a month.

Similarly to Twitch, there are many live-stream websites, where a user can exclusively stream on-air and receive donations. A popular website live streamers use is YouNow. All you need is an email to create an account, and you can stream live from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. When on YouNow, viewers can gift you special donations and also subscribe to you. Through subscriptions and donation, a live streamer can make a couple thousand a month if they become popular.

To get paid, you will have to link your Paypal information to the website. Again, popularity takes time to cultivate so don’t be discouraged if the beginning of your online career is going slower than imagined. Use that time to utilize social media platforms to your advantage, and share as much as possible.

Chapter 6: Youtube And Affiliate Marketing

With the creation of Youtube in 2006, the user base has exponentially grown, with more and more users depending on YouTube as a full-time job.

YouTubing to Your Bank Account

YouTube requires rigorous commitment and effort to produce quality content. For a new YouTuber, it might take months to years to create a “solid,” or sturdy, fanbase. One of the best ways to gain more viewership is to produce content that you are skilled at. By skilled at, I mean that it could be short comedy films or Do-It-Yourself crafting videos, as the range of content can be endless.

Like Twitch, YouTube also offers a partnership between the user and the company. To be a YouTube partner, you must have more than 10,000 views on your channel. After the met requirement, you can apply to be a partner and run advertisements through your videos, by affiliate marketing, to be paid. To be paid, you will need to link your bank account information to the website.

To start a YouTube channel, all you need is a camera and editing software. Of course, for a new YouTuber, it might be hard to have access to a high-performance video recording camera. Over time through funds, it is encouraged to buy better video-making equipment, such as lighting and green-screens to increase the quality of your video. For editing software, YouTube does provide an editing service in the “Maker Studio,” or editing studio for a user’s page. However, many YouTubers like to buy third-party editing software such as Final Cut Pro. Most videos take about a day to edit so it would be wise to plan your schedule around it.

As a YouTuber, you can also ask for donations via YouTube or through other websites such as Patreon, which will be discussed later.

Popularity is crucial to your earnings. The more views you receive for a video, the more advertisement payments. To increase your popularity, social media sharing on all platforms is advised. You can also think about doing collaborations with other YouTubers in your area, as the other collaborator’s subscribers or fanbase might also begin to watch your videos on a regular basis. However, popularity does take time to cultivate, and a great deal of patience comes with it. But if you are successful with YouTube, you could be earning millions online.

Promotion Can Also Mean Profit

Many websites like Youtube, use affiliate marketing to generate revenue. In the case of YouTube, many sponsors pay to run their advertisement in videos, which in turn created the multi-million dollar company. However, for someone who just created a website, affiliate marketing can help them get paid to run advertisements on their sites. A common method used by beginner affiliate marketers is the use of Amazon links. Amazon, the largest online retailer, offers an affiliate link service, where you can get custom links to specific products on their website. When you share the link, be it on social media or a website, any consumer who uses your custom link will let you earn a small commission rate from Amazon. Of course, you will need to have an Amazon account to begin, so sign up!

Affiliate marketing can be tricky. You will need a substantial amount of viewers that are also loyal to you. Due to this, I suggest that you first research and look at the links of the products, to verify that it is not a scam. If a viewer of yours clicks on it and sees that it is one, it will lead to a follower that will distrust you more. It is also important to not sign up for too many affiliate programs, as it might be too much information to process due to the many streams of income that you will have to manage. Also. It isn’t advised to post many links on your website, as it can dampen the quality of your original content. Some helpful websites that mostly provide reliable affiliates include Commision Junction, the biggest online affiliate program, and ShareASale.

For Commision Junction, or “,” you can easily become a “publisher,” or affiliate marketer by creating an account. To create an account, you will need a working email, provide your company information, and have the correct website links to your domain. After creating an account, you will have to re-login. You will be taken to your page, where you can add advertisements and also compare the rate of sales and popularity. You will have to choose among them to determine which advertisement would be the best for you.

If you own a website or a YouTube channel, there might be a good chance that a sponsor would like you to advertise one of their products in an article or video. The sponsors will most likely contact you and propose an affiliate deal. Through sponsors, you can sometimes make hundreds of dollars through article or video.

Chapter 7: Freelancing

Outsourcing your skills can be a great way to earn a profitable income! If you have a degree in design or are an amateur writer, freelancing might be your calling. Luckily, there are many ways online that you can present your skills to potential clients.

One of the most popular ways to outsource your skills is to use websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Freelance. All you need to do is build a profile.

Fast Connections to Fast Cash

LinkedIn is one of the most popular ways to look at an online resume-esque profile of a potential employee. To create a profile, you need to have an email and also answer some confidential questions to provide security. Afterward, you are free to build up a credible profile. You can list achievements, past work experience, and the schools that you have attended.

With LinkedIn, you can contact colleagues and also find potential employers through website postings and profile-searching. However, you are only allowed to see a number of profiles depending on your membership plan. The plans are for free, business, business plus, and executive, respectively. Each plan will let you view more profiles and have more direct contacts. The business is about 25 dollars, while the Plus plan is $50, and finally a $100 executive plan.

To find freelance work, most users will build a base between fellow colleagues and friends, in turn continuing their connections from there. Many Fortune 500 employees can also be found on LinkedIn, as 65 million and rising users actively use this website.

Fiverr and Freelance are two very popular websites for employees or clients to find quick and online freelance work, with design, data entry, and creative writing being some of the most accessible fields.

Freelancing on Fiverr

To register for Fiverr, you will need to provide an email. After completing the new account process, you can list your qualities and skills that make you a qualified worker. It is also recommended to upload a profile picture of yourself, as it builds more credibility.

Afterward, you will need to post a “gig,” or offer, to the website and category of your skill. the headline will be an automatic banner that is already partly-filled for your convenience. It will read, “I will…”, And you can fill in the rest. When you complete the headline, you will have to provide a brief description of the services that you offer. You should also list a couple reasons to advertise why you are the most qualified to work for a potential client. Fiverr will also ask how much you seek to earn per hour for a job. The range you can choose is from $5 to $995.

The second page will be a small inquiry of your “package” plan. You will need to fill out a title and a short description of the services you provide. There are also options such as how many days you can complete a project, the return policy, and how many adjustments a buyer can make to your package. The reason Fiverr provides this page so the client can see the technical details of what your services provide. The client can also negotiate a deal with you along the lines of your terms.

After completing the gig process, the website will need to approve of it, and it will currently be listed as pending. For beginners, you will only be able to post one gig at a time. If you chose to create more gigs, it will go into the drafts folder of your toolbar.

Once approved, your gig will be posted to the corresponding category. There, clients can look through a database of freelancers, and choose one that fits accordingly to their needs. If you would like to further promote yourself, Fiverr has the option to share to your social media pages and groups. Sharing is the best way to build momentum!

If a client is interested in your skills, they will send a message to you through the websites built-in functions. There, you can negotiate terms and inquire more about the work. A client will usually email the rest of the terms to you, where you can start working.

To be paid, a freelancer will need to provide either a Paypal account or credit card information to link to the website. Sometimes the client might choose to pay a freelancer from another website such as Paypal, or any monetary service.

Fiverr will also keep some of the profit. For example, if you, the seller, will do a service for $5, you will be paid $4 by Fiverr when your job is completed and satisfactory to the client. The money can also be stored into your Fiverr account to be kept or transferred.

Freelancer and its Benefits

Freelancer, which is very similar to Fiverr, also provides a platform for individuals to outsource their skills online. But unlike Fiverr, Freelancer is more open to choosing projects or jobs that you would like to perform.

To create an account, you again will need a working email. Freelancer will also ask you to list a couple of basic skills that you possess. By doing so, The website can give you a recommended jobs list of general skills that you excel at. It also is beneficial for a client, as some projects will require you to possess one or two specific skills. After creating a password and passing verification, you will be taken to the home page. I would recommend you to first go to your profile to add a profile picture and also a description of yourself and your skills. The description for Freelancer is unlimited so type away!

When applying for jobs, you will be given a certain amount of “bids” when you first create an account. In the homepage, there will be a list of open jobs, and you can also refresh the page to see the most recent postings. There will be a section that says recommended, which the website generates based on the skills that you have mentioned about yourself earlier. If you click on a job or project that interests you, you can read more of it in the description to see what it entails. As you look through job offerings and find an offer that you feel confident about, you can use one of your bids and place a wager for it. To place a wager, you will have to fill out how much you would like to be paid, preferably within the range the client has before mentioned in the description page. There will also be a second box to fill out, regarding on how many days you can deliver the finished work. Once you filled out these criteria, you can move on to the second page, where you will need to write a brief summary of why you are the most qualified bidder in the pool, and what skills and services you provide to make the project as successful as it can be.

If you feel that you would like to have more bids, you can choose to buy one of their subscription plans, which allows you to have a higher amount of monthly bids. The amount of bids can range from 15 every thirty days, with the basic plan being $0.99 a month, to 300 a month, being $49.99 a month.

Keep in mind that only one individual out of tens to thirties will be chosen for a job or project.

If a client is interested in you, they will use the in-site messaging service to directly contact you for more details and inquiry. The client will then award you the project or job offer if they feel strongly about your skills and work ethic. After awarding you the project, Freelancer will charge you $5 to use their services. In most cases, you will be emailed separately regarding the case work, deadline, and pay. If you would like to negotiate the terms, I advise you to contact the client in the preferred option that they chose.

Payment in this platform is usually done in increments depending on how much work you have done so far. Freelancer provides a service, the milestone counter; a means to keep track of your work. If you have completed half, a quarter, or how much the client wants in a certain amount of days, you can request for a milestone, which will have them pay you for the work that you have done so far. The money can be paid through Paypal, as mentioned before, or any monetary service.

Calling All Students for Extra Cash

Another way to earn money freelancing is through tutoring websites. Websites like and all provide paid online tutoring services from grade school to college students.

To sign up for these websites, you will again need a working email. Some tutoring websites like WyzAnt will also ask for credentials, such as undergraduate majors, etc., to make your profile more attractive to students. However, on sites like will require a potential tutor to go through an extensive application process to see your credentials and profile. It is also possible to find online tutoring work on websites like Freelancer and Fiverr.

When working, online tutoring can be given through chatting, with a whiteboard-eque software, so a tutor and their tutee can draw to explain lessons. There is also the option of webcam-based lessons for those who are very people-oriented.

After filling that in, you can choose an hourly rate for your services. Many tutors ask around $30 to $50. That would be about $150 to $400 for an 8-hour day! You should also upload a profile picture, as a student would like to see what their tutor looks like to build trust and reliability.

Online tutors usually have the option to be paid via direct deposit banking, check, or Paypal.

For tutoring websites, it is important to remember that the reviews from the students matter significantly, as you will have a lower chance of finding more potential tutees if you have a lower overall review score. But if you work diligently, you can earn more students to be tutored under you, and in consequence, more profit.

Chapter 8: Paid Surveys and Services

Paid surveys are a great way to make extra pocket money online. The pay for the surveys are also moderate, and can later amass to more with time.

Some popular testing and service websites are GlobalTestMarket, SwagBucks, Microsoft Rewards, and Slice the Pie. All of them have the same basic function, to pay you a couple of cents to dollars for every sample survey that you complete.

Clicking to Make Money

GlobalTestMarket is one of the largest surveying websites on the internet, with 5.5 million users and counting. You will need to provide a working email and verification to create an account. GlobalTestingMarket will also ask for your birth date, as it will use it to cater specific surveys that target your age group.

Once you have created an account, you can take as many surveys as you would like. However, each survey usually only pays a couple of points when you complete it. When you have a certain amount of points, GlobalTestMarket will allow you to cash them in and convert them into Paypal money or gift cards. The worth of the gift cards and Paypal money will be directly correlated to how many points you have at the moment.

If you are meticulous about it, you can earn a mediocre profit every month. Also, some surveys do take longer than others to complete, with some of the longest being ten minutes.

Similarly to GlobalTestMarket, SwagBuck also performs similar services. However, there is a wider range of options to earn credit for your account.

To create an account, you will need to provide all of the information as listed above by GlobalTestMarket.

In the Swagbucks database, you can also watch videos and search the internet. Some users also use “bots”, or automated online robots, to perform a variety of quick searches to earn more credits. One credit is essentially about one cent, but with the help of bots, and surveying, you can earn about 1000 points daily, or $10.

Swagbucks also offers daily rewards for logging in every day for credit, and daily goal bonuses when you complete a certain amount tasks.

Once you earn a certain amount of points, you will have the choice to transfer it to Paypal or one of their many gift card options.

Microsoft’s Hidden Search Engine Benefits

Microsoft Rewards is a service originally provided by Bing to promote publicity for their search engine. Like Swagbucks, it will reward you for completing some daily searches.

The rewards program requires an individual to have a Microsoft account to continue. Once you create an eligible account, you can sign up for the program with it.

Unlike Swagbucks, Microsoft Rewards will let you have a higher search maximum to earn points. However, searching one-by-one is very tiring work, so many participants also choose to use search bots. Luckily, There are a couple of search bots that are designed to target this program.

However, the only rewards that you can transfer your points to are gift cards. One of the good things about Microsoft Rewards is that there is is a larger range of gift cards to choose from, unlike most rewards programs. The downside is that Paypal does not work.

A daily user can make about $20 every couple of weeks, so this program is a great way to make some extra spending money!

Finally, one of the most popular surveying websites for music fanatics is Slice the Pie. Slice the Pie, one of the biggest paid music sample website, will pay you around $0.20 for every listen to a song and a review.

Slice the Pie, created in 2007, is a service that provides up-and-coming artists a chance to get real feedback from users all over the world. It is also a database for scouts to find musicians with potential. A sample usually is an about a minute long, and of various music genres. You will need to listen to all of it to review it and give feedback.

If you continue to participate, Slice the Pie will reward you with samples that are worth more monetary value. A sample that was once a couple of cents can become a couple of dollars. The first initial months of participating in the site can be slow, but after building more credibility, you can easily be making $200 a month. Payment is only given through Paypal for this website.

It takes patience to build a good profile for all of these websites, but after a few months of continuous effort, you can be making hundreds a month.

Chapter 9: Crowdfunding

I’m sure most people have heard about online donation campaigns such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter, but how does it work?

Crowdfunding is using special platform websites to ask the public to donate for a cause. For a college student struggling to make ends meet, a start-up company that needs more funds, a musician who wants to go on tour, etc., crowdfunding could be a successful option for you to raise money.

Building a Business by the People

There are many sites to choose from, but the top three most popular platforms are Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe.

Creating an account is simple; you will just need a working email. All of these platforms will ask you to choose a category that you would like to raise funds in. After choosing a category, you will most likely be asked to create an account using your email or a social media link. The process after that will be asking you to title your project, describe it, and set a campaign goal.

Some of the most successful crowdfunds usually ask for a reasonable donation amount, as too high of a goal seems unreasonable to donors, while too low of a goal might lead to low funds, and provide lots of promotion through videos and social media sharing. In the project creation process, a requester should also upload a photo of themselves and a small biography to give “pledgers,” or donor, credibility. While some crowdfunding websites might accept Paypal or credit/debit cards, most will ask for your personal bank account information. When you have completed these steps, you are ready to launch your crowdfunding project!

Many crowdfunding sites also provide a service where you can pay an extra fee for a professional sales associate to give you tips on how to make your project more attractive. There are also options where you can award your pledgers if they choose to donate a certain amount of money to your cause. The reward can be set up while you are still in the process of creating a project. For example, if a pledger chooses to donate $10, they could be eligible for your reward program, where you can show where their money is going to through development processes, videos, or samples and prototypes of your work.

However, crowdfunding websites will take some of your donations. To compare, most of these platforms will take away 3% to 8% of your total funds via processing fees. The margin of error depends mostly on how much you want to raise and other conditional terms of your project.

In the end, crowdfunding is a very popular and successful way for start-up businesses to begin on new ventures. If you would like to know more on how to grow a business, visit

Subscriptions From the Public to Your Pocket

I’ve also discussed the platform, Patreon, another method to receive donations. How does it work? In short, Patreon is just like any other Crowdfunding website, with the key difference being the campaigns are continuous and ongoing.

Patreon, a website developed for creators and artists, is used primarily to support filmmakers, writers, musicians, etc., with a monthly subscription. Now what that means is a “patron,” or donor, can subscribe to pay anywhere from $2 to $20 or more per month, depending on the plan they have purchased. To motivate the creators, the donations will only go to the artist once they release a new product or video to their audience. To put in retrospect, if a creator who writes articles once every two weeks has 500 patrons with $5 plans, they consequently will make $2,500 every two weeks, and $5,000 a month. However, a patron can choose to have a monthly maximum budget if they feel that products are being released too quickly. A creator can also reward their donors with special behind-the-scenes looks at their works, have private meetups, or even have a pre-sale exclusively for the patrons.

This method is directly correlated to having a strong follower base, so it is encouraged to garner as much publicity for your works. To be paid as a creator, you can either directly link your bank account or use Paypal. As the host website, Patreon will take about 9% to 10% of your total monthly income, due to processing and security fees.

Chapter 10: Stock Trading

When it comes to stock trading, there is a vast quantity of information to learn, as it is a multi-billion dollar industry. In this eBook, I will touch on the basics of trading online for money.

The Basics and Diversification

Now, there are two ways to begin investing your money and trading. You can either have your money go through a broker or use online trading and investment websites. Many people nowadays, use the investment website, as the decisions you can make are more self-controlled.

Some of the largest online firms are ETrade and Ameritrade. Depending on how much you would like to invest, keeping in mind the interest that comes with it, you might want to look at other online investment companies and compare the rates with each other. Most buyers usually take the company that has the lowest interest rates.

To set up an account, you will need to provide your bank account information, email, taxpayer information, and social security. Afterward you will have to set up an Investment portfolio to keep track of your stocks and assets.

An Investment portfolio is fundamental to a beginning investor, as it show the diversification of your assets. Having a diverse portfolio can be crucial to decreasing the risk of losses for an investor. Of course, it’s not the smartest to invest all your savings into one outlet in hopes of doubling it, so how does one counter that? With an investment portfolio, you can spread out your assets into a variety of stocks, bonds, and commodities.

There are two types of diversification, systematic and unsystematic. Systematic risk is caused by unpredictable changes such as inflation, interest rates, etc. Unsystematic risk is caused by the depreciation of one factor of the economy. To lower unsystematic risk, it is advised to invest in a variety of stocks, rather than just one faction of it. For example, if you invest all your earnings into three car companies, rather than one car company, one oil company, and one medical company, you will lose all your earnings if a nationwide car company worker strike happens. Because of these risks, it is recommended to invest in a variety of different companies to lower loss risk if one factor of the economy suddenly fails.

When you have completed the application process, you can start trading and investing after it has been reviewed and approved.

Research, Practice, and ETFs

Investing is the tricky part. To be successful, one of the best things you can do is research beforehand with finance news outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, public quarterly reports, and track the growth chart of your desired stocks. This process called fundamental analysis, which can take weeks. In the end, it is better to be safe than sorry when minimizing investment risk. Technical analysis is when an investor will look solely on trends of growth and “depreciation,” or fall, rate to determine when to buy and sell. Most investors will use a combination of these methods to successfully earn revenue. Also, investing in popular stocks is not recommended without doing research first. If you would like to practice investing without a risk, websites such as Investopedia and Wall Street Survivor provide simulators to hone your skills.

To minimize risk, you can also utilize ETFs to your advantage. ETF’s are exchange-traded funds, and when used correctly can minimize the risk of investment through diversification and generate revenue. If you do not have the funds to invest in a bond such as gold, you can use an alternative method with ETF’s. Through ETF’s you can invest in a wide range of stocks, such as gold, foreign investment, and S&P 500 index. At a lower price, an ETF’s function is to follow the stock market pattern at a fraction of the cost. To put in perspective, if you would like to invest in the S&P Index, buying a share in each stock might be $11,000. However, using an ETF that closely follows the index might only cost $110 per share. Many investors use an ETF to gain exposure into unknown investment groups that are otherwise hard to invest in. Like any other stock, it does grow and fall according to the market, but the risk is minimized due to the fraction of a cost compared to investing in a commodity such as gold.

If you find a stock and feel confident about it, you can choose to invest in it with your online investment service. A popular method used by amateur investors is to buy when the stock is in depreciation and sell when the stock is rising. It is also advised to not hold onto a stock for too long, as it increases the risk of loss over a period. Most individual investors only hold on to a particular stock from a couple days to a week.

Keep in mind that it is almost impossible for anyone to predict and sell at the highest price on the market. However, if you watch the stock patterns, NASDAQ, America’s stock market trade, and the Fortune 500 Index, you will have a good idea of when to sell and buy.

Using these methods, an investor can earn a couple thousand a month or more with time. However, investing in stock does also depend on luck, as it is a high-risk income method. As always, practice makes perfect!