Mastermind Group

SILVER Level – This is a medium size group at the moment of 12 members maximum at $300 per month (minimum six months) which is not the cheapest but by far not the most expensive mastermind group on the market.

If this is something that you are interested in, then send me an email: Jason @ I will like to know more about your goals, with investing, business, and what you are looking for the most out of a Mastermind Group.

I love bringing people together to hit goals and to help each other out.

This group will deal with:

  • What can we do to help you grow your business?
  • What help do you need with your investments?
  • What is your goal for this year, and what do you need to hit?
  • What is keeping you from hitting you from your goal?
  • Sometimes you need a group to motivate you.
  • Compare ideas and suggestions, give advice



GOLD Level – This is a more advanced group that already has investments built up like real estate, business, stocks, and has been doing this for over five years. This group is not for beginners if you are just starting out then this group is not for you. This is a smaller group of 9 members maximum at $400 per month (minimum six months) – usually, the members in this group already did the Silver Level.

This group will deal with members that have five years of experience in investing:

  • Already have a few investment properties
  • Already have a business
  • Already have a portfolio of dividend stocks.

This group will deal with:

  • How to make your real estate investing better, to solve problems.
  • To connect with other investors
  • This is a group of great motivators that come together and help each other out.
  • Compare ideas and suggestions, give advice
  • This group will assist in hitting your goals and keeping you on track.



Bronze Level – this mastermind group is linked to certain courses during certain times of the year. This group will last for a few months and is created around a certain course subject. Example of this group might deal with an online course that deals with Real Estate Investing and once a month we talk about the material, we talk about the challenges, some Q&A, we discuss the course material as a whole group, going over goals, setting a plan, and understanding the path to take. More information will come out later on this.