Review of Internet JetSet – John Crestanis – Pros and Cons


Program: Internet JetSet

Creator: John Crestanis

Purpose: To learn internet marketing and how to run an affiliate business.


This is a review of Internet JetSet by John Crestanis program

I did buy this course, and I am a student of it. The program is a little tricky to navigate at first, but you will get the hang of it after to explore for a little bit and you will get use to the flow of the site. JetSet does go into details on how to do affiliate marketing with many bonuses.

You will get a lot of emails of other offers programs and online opportunities so just be cautious about these other programs if you don’t think they are a good fit for you then don’t buy them, if you are not interested in Amazon affiliate sites, or other similar programs then don’t buy them finish Internet JetSet first then see what avenue you are interested in taking.

A word of caution he does own an affiliate network called Nutryst which can be good or bad. He has the “12 weeks Super affiliate training” course to get you to be an affiliate of the Nutryst business promoting his products. He does have a good point if you are successful then he will be successful as well and has a great interest in you being successful because the more money you make he makes thru his network. Nutryst, which is not bad because you can always use this knowledge with other networks and other affiliate opportunities that you will come across. He does not try to hide, and he is upfront about it. So I don’t think it’s an issue, now if all he wanted to do and was talking about hey sign up for my Nutryst network this is how you make money and this is the only way then I would say use caution and beware. 


He does offer an upsell to his other course: “The 12 week Super Affiliate System” if you are interested in digging deeper and growing your business. Which you have to apply for


Pros and Cons of Internet JetSet by John Crestanis


    • The Bonuses are great
    • Customer Service is helpful and solved my problem when I wanted to cancel the monthly membership, no issues.
    • For the price, you get great value, you get a lot of info to go thru, and you will get lost going thru it, but you will figure it out.
    • It’s great for beginners and intermediate as well.
    • So much info you might have to go thru it twice, so take good notes the first time.
    • He offers JetSetLive which he gives out assistance to help, advice, and the older sessions are saved. Held about once a month unless something is posted in the calendar. He works with students, analyze their campaigns, and give them updates.
    • The extreme case studies are great a lot of great details, and
  • Cons: 
    • A little tricky to navigate thru the program at first
    • You will get many other affiliate programs emailed to you about other online opportunities and money making programs so just be cautious, and webinars of other programs
    • They charge a monthly membership fee, but you can skip a month, and you can cancel the monthly membership if you want to.
    • I wish you can listen or watch the videos thru your phone, maybe you can, but I was not able to do it. This would have been great when you have a few hours to kill like at the airport.
    • I wish you were able to download the video or an audio file to your hard drive to save for later.

Golden Nuggets: 

Yes, they have a few helpful golden nuggets I think you will love. Under the Bonuses, you have a program called “Launch Jacking” which has great tips and info. Another great bonus page called “Authority Review Sites” had a lot of tips and advice that I found very helpful and will put them to work. I recommend the upsell as well “Xtreme Member Only” – which is about other Affiliate Interviews, and case studies, many golden nuggets in this section.



JetSet = cost $47

Upsell: Xtreme Case Study = Cost $187

Monthly JetSet Live = $47 per month

12 week course Super Affiliate = $4,997 (you have to apply for it), I will warn you it’s on the pricey side but you have to remember it’s like buying into a business and this is something you want to look into if you want to take it to the next level, Want to learn more about Super Affiliate click here.


–Do I recommend this program to someone? Yes, if you are interested in affiliate marketing and this is something you want to put in the work to build and make into a business then yes do it, sign up! To get started click here: Internet JetSet 

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