Passive Income – Financial Freedom

  • Work To Invest…Presents: “Passive Income and Financial Freedom”

  • passive income, financial freedom, building wealth

  • Dividend Stocks – Stocks that pay dividends, good companies that are know for giving out dividends, also take a look at REIT’s and MLP’s – make a diverse portfolio of stocks mix it up quarterly and monthly. High Risk and Low risk = (don’t put all your eggs in one basket)
  • Real Estate – rental properties, single family houses, multi-units, even being a realtor on the side can create income.
  • Land – if you own the rights to the land you can rent out the land to someone weather for hunting, farming, or if someone wanted to build on your land.
  • Ads on Blogs, websites, = check out adsense from Google easy way to get started.
  • YouTube – does the camera gravitate to you? Then try out YouTube some people get a nice check in the mail.
  • Side Business – pretty handy at making things, have a creative mind – try making a product to sell to people and online.
  • Online – drop-shipping, private label products, Affiliates programs
  • Ebooks – have a something to say, a story to tell?
“Always keep investing! Keep Taking Action”

Work to Invest not Work to pay bills – Create multiple streams of income, let your investments pay your bills.

This book is filled with tons of tips and links that are very helpful and are great source of knowledge that helps me and will help you.




Bio, Examples & the Beginning

Please allow me to introduce myself… my name is Jason Ballay.

              Since 2004 I have been investing and in 2014, I had financial freedom (the point where my income equaled the same as my job salary) and each year, my income increases more and more because I reinvest my earnings. I created this book because people ask me all the time “what should I invest in” and I will ask them how much do you know about investments, and sometimes they would say I know a few things or they will say “not much”. Also, I will ask them “what’s for sale?” Is real estate cheap, what stocks are undervalued or what stocks are paying great dividends? Do they have a business for sale because the owner is retiring and doesn’t want the business anymore? When I ask people these questions, their eyes would light up all big and they would say “you know what, you are right.” You have to invest in the things that have great deals. It is one of the best feelings to have when you are working to invest in your portfolio of investments (real estate, stocks, and businesses) and not to work because you need to pay bills and make ends meet. Living pay check to pay check is not the best way to live.

           I remember being at work on a Thursday and I walked to the front desk and saw about 10 of my coworkers waiting. I asked the clerk behind the desk “what is everyone waiting for?” And the clerk said, “It’s Thursday and they are waiting for their paychecks and the checks are late.” I saw one of my coworkers and I asked him “why are you here on your day off,” he said “I have to get my check,” I asked him “why don’t you get it on Friday when you come back to work?” He said, “I can’t because I need to pay rent, the light and water bill.” This way of living is very hard on a family. Another reason I created this book is because I was tired of seeing my coworkers, vendors, brokers and friends lose their jobs and they had nothing to fall back on. Nothing that would pay any bills and help out with other payments. Well, I know what you must be thinking now… Jason, they have a severance package that would sustain them till they find something else. I only know of two people that received such a package vs over 20 workers that lost their job and had nothing other than some life savings of less than 6 months, 401K saved up or some vacation time that was left over. Also one of the persons that received a severance package is still working because it’s not enough to live off of and he wanted something else to do rather than stay at home since he was about to retire.

        While I was working as a distributor, I saw my sales reps and co-workers losing their jobs due to cutbacks and reorganizations. One sales rep for a manufacturing department survived four cut backs (aka reorganization). They eventually fired all the company’s sales reps and decided to use brokers to represent their products. Even at the company, I worked for, while I was in a meeting with my boss and we were talking about a few things he said something that amazed me, “everyone is replaceable, even me and even the president of the company.” He was right, everyone has a replacement, no matter how much they bring to the table or even how much they know and are able to do. Everyone is replaceable! That’s why it’s important to keep investing in yourself. Another example is my neighbor who had a similar situation. One day I saw my neighbor outside and I looked to the left and I noticed a “For Sale” sign in his front yard, I asked him what happened, I thought you loved this house? He said, “I do, but I lost my job with the company I have been working with for over 20 years and what sucks more is that I trained my replacement. I asked my boss after a few weeks and said: “the person I am training, am I getting promoted or am I being fired?” My boss replied, “he is your replacement and we are letting you go, we are downsizing” without missing a beat. I was shocked when my neighbor told me this and I asked him if he had another job or something lined up and he said, “no I wish I did, I wish I had something to fall back on. I’m just going back home to be with my old friends and relatives and hopefully, I might find something.”

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