How Technology is making the job market smaller.

Technology is the center of our world, it’s no surprise, The Age of Technology is when we live. It is a bold and bright world. Many, if not most, aspects of everyday life have been affected, almost always for the better. Certainly, it has created an abundance of conveniences. Tasks as universal as paying bills have been forever altered. In the past, paying bills required a trip to the bank, bills in hand and a physical transfer of funds. This was the world we lived in not that long ago. Today, paying bills can be done from anywhere with maximum ease from our smartphones. We revel in its convenience and simplicity. We revel, but we remiss the jobs that have become obsolete.

Bank tellers, once a cornerstone of our society. Now they have been replaced by the ATM and an app. The delivery industry, once massive, strong and proud has been decimated by drones. Netflix, it arrived so fast we hardly noticed our local Blockbusters closing and teenagers everywhere left without jobs. Anything available at a shopping mall can be found on Amazon, usually cheaper and always from the comfort of your couch. It’s not only the internet which creates this vacuum of unemployment. Technological innovations everywhere replace hard working Americans every day, just ask the automotive industry. Automated assembly lines construct the cars we drive. If we even own a car anymore, the cost effective easiness of the Uber app has almost rendered owning your own vehicle an unnecessary luxury. Not only do we willingly allow these technologies into our lives, we insist on them, we lament aspect of our existence which cannot be completed by a free download.

It is a slippery slope and we are picking up speed faster than is perceivably stoppable. It seems as though no profession is safe from the reach of our technological insurgents. Although most of us would like to believe that we perform a task which a machine or program could not, that is not the case. Not long ago the concept of getting into a vehicle and allowing it to drive itself was nothing more than science fiction. Today we find ourselves on the cusp of that reality. A driver, a profession as live and real as any will soon be eliminated by a monster of our own invention. It is not enough to understand the direction the world is moving. It is not enough to hope and pray that you will be safe from evolution, that your job will endure. It is necessary that you too evolve. You too must realize the limitations of your employment and you must create a future for yourself. A future of security and insurance.

Almost nothing is definite and understanding that is paramount. Right now you find yourself employed and right now is the moment you must take advantage of that employment. The salary you receive now is not definite, even if your job is not overtaken by a robot. Yes, saving is wise. Saving is always wise, but again even a savings can only be finite; it can not grow and expand via its own accord stuffed inside your mattress. The income you have now must be saved at first and more importantly it must be invested second. It must be used. You work for your income and it needs to do the same for you. The earnings you produce now must grow into income producing assets. It needs the opportunity to flourish. Savvy investing is the key to lengthy, comfortable existing. The time is nigh, your income now must be converted, it must duplicate and multiply. Use it, create avenues for yourself, avenues removed from the confines of conformative work and pay. Stocks, bonds, real estate, small business ventures, the avenues already exist, all you need to do is use them and wait for the rewards.

People see it coming, they watch as department after department are downsized at their company, an app designed as their replacements, but they do not react. The writing is on the wall, no guess work needed. Customer service outsourced, entire departments relegated to obscurity. Four out of five cashiers fired at your local grocery store and replaced by banks of self-checkout machines. Computers, once an ally, now we use them to facilitate our lethargy. We abuse their speed, precision, and expedience. We relinquish duties and tasks and beseech technology to absorb the overflow. Countless jobs lost and endless more poised for the same fate. It is not enough to know it is happening and to sit idly and await your impending destiny. Aggressive providence is a duty you owe to yourself. Produce assets for now and later, have your income do that for you. Create your own wealth, understand the trends. Don’t only see the writing, read it. Believe it. Your job is not immune to the technological revolution, plan ahead. Invest. Make your money make you money.

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