Entrepreneur Interview

One of the things I love is talking to people that have a passion for their business. I love hearing how they got started, how the ideas came to them, how they built themselves up, and what they are going to do going forward.

If you are interested in doing a one on one interview over webcams with the video being upload to my YouTube channel, then send me a message to see if this is something that can be explored in more details.

At the moment I am looking for entrepreneurs that created a product and is selling on Amazon. Fees start at $100 – Here is my Fiverr like for more info >>>>> https://www.fiverr.com/share/VDdBZ

But if you don’t have an Amazon product that is okay, we can do a custom gig and explore some other options to see if it a good fit. Send me a message first to make sure this is in line with “Work To Invest” goals.

(no spaces) jason @ worktoinvest.com

The interview will be over webcam, and the video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel and added to a playlist. Example: “Entrepreneur Interviews”  The video will remain on the channel unless there is a conflict with any companies policies. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTTfM7ktGmk-ONvyNIIMRIw